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How do you do it?

"How do you manage to make so many things from scratch and still have time to prepare meals?"

"You're so hospitable and entertaining seems to come so easy for you."

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"I could never home school. I don't have the patience like you do."

My response is usually a laugh and a mumble that I don't have it all together.

I don't get it all done. I don't always have a clean house. And I certainly am not privy to any secrets!

It saddens me that so many moms (including myself) feel defeated by moms who are probably feeling defeat themselves. If we could ever wrap our brains around the fact that no one is perfect, no not even Suzy Q, I think we could squash this nasty lie that we all have on occasion believed.

If my friends and acquaintances could be the proverbial fly on the wall, they would see

1.) That it's been over a week since I've been caught up on the laundry. Thankfully everyone has umpteen pairs of underwear and socks to cleverly hide this fact.

2.) That we had bread and ice-cream for supper tonight because I failed to menu planagain.

3.) That I just last night cleaned our shower because I was scared the pink/green mold that was growing would kill us all.

4.) That if our children pass the hair smell test we skip baths!

5.) That I slept in til after 8 o'clock this morning and it was 10 o'clock before the children got a good start on their subjects in which I have yet to grade.

6.) That we almost always have to lecture someone on the way home from any church service. "Now, explain to me again what you we're doing with your toes during the preaching!?"

7.) That when I am having company over I often have near nervous break-downs intermittently throughout the day in which I repeatedly ask my husband, "Now, who's idea was this!?"

8.) That I too often leave the dishes from supper until the next morning to give the poor, starving ants something to munch on through the night.

9.) That I frantically search through the children's closets on Sunday morning for outfits that don't look like an elephant sat on them because I didn't prepare andiron the night before.

10.) That it's been 65 days since I had time to shave my legs. Honestly, when is it going to be in style to just let it all grow out!?

11.) That my husband prepares coffee for our morning and afternoon coffee. I can't remember the last time I made coffee. Thanks honey!

12.)That in moments of desperation I pop a cartoon in for Baby Girl so we can all get a bit of work done.Admit ityou've done it too!{wink wink}

13.) That I failed to blog about my2 recipe flops that I served to company. Both dishes had to be thrown away lest we risk losing our friendship.

And because I am sure if I we're to divulge many more horrid secrets you would never, ever speak to me again, I'll stop now. But I think you get the idea

I'm not perfect, you're not perfect. And while we all need to improve in certain areas of our lives, we need to realize that your family was given to you for a reason. God did not give you my family, He gave you yours.

He gave you your family, knowing your strengths and weaknesses, your faults and shortcomings. You are just what your family needs.

While I may horribly stink at something you excel in chances are my family doesn't really care. It's just not going to ruin their day if there are smudges on the back door. But if there are crumbs under their feet they will surely notice and complain, and that's where my strength comes in.

I know we moms love to talk about how we do what we do, but what works for one mom most certainly will not work for another. What one husband's demands preferences are may not even register with another.

So while it's great to read blogs and talk to other women about such things please keep in mind that we all want to be seen in the best possible light and remember:

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