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An Excellent Twitter Game

I don't know where the 21 questions twitter game came from, but it's quite fun and enjoyable. The best way to learn about people the quickest, ask 21 random questions it's also a way to kill your mentions for an hour if you are doing the 21 questions, but that's neither here nor there.

Either way, as many have shaped their questions around certain subjects, sex, random, childhood, makeup, music and plenty of others, I have yet to see one shaped around sports. Thus, Friday night happened and I created a 21 questions lists for the sports fans. Although I took in hundreds of answers including answers on twitter and in blog form from Ed at Ed The Sports Fan.

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1) Who is your all-time favorite championship team (any sport)

This is a dumb easy question for me, the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls. Jordan and Co. won 72 of 82. They lost 10 games, only, had an undefeated month of January and only lost 3 games in the playoffs, 2 of them in the Finals that year, a 4-2 victory over Seattle. What helped my infatuation is that my cable company carried the WGN network, a Chicago channel that played every Bulls game. It was easy to watch and follow and cheer along. And besides, it was Jordan.

2) What player's poster did you have on your wall as a child?

You know, I shared a room with my brother for the longest as a young dude, but the only poster I can remember having up was that of Barry Sanders.

3) What NFL team would you get rid of right now?

Like, right now now, as of Monday Night when I am writing this post, the Manning-less Colts. But if Manning is healthy, I'd get rid of the Seattle Seahawks. No real reason, just them.

4) What's one player you cannot stand in any sport?

Derek Fisher. I HATE that dude (as a player). He throws blows and when caught he smiles as if to say, "Come on, man, I didn't do that." Man shut up, D-Fish and yes, you did. He acts better than he plays basketball and he is in the right city for that acting gig when some random white point guard comes and takes his spot. Oh, wait.

5) What's one word you would use to describe Kobe Bryant?


6) Finish this sentence: Baseball is ____.

Just not for me, until October.

7) What's your favorite memory of all time?

This has nothing to do with the teams, but more so, the meaning. I was sitting on the couch and my dad was sitting on the floor while the New York Knicks held a lead in game 1 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals contest. The Pacers are down 6 with less than 20 seconds remaining and well, the Reggie Miller moment happened.

My dad jumped off the floor after Miller stole the ball and drained the second three-point shot, and I jumped off the couch and cheered with him being a young kid at the time. Then, when Starks missed those free throws and Miller sank his, my dad had his hand on his forehead and repeated, "Oh, my God." I enjoyed that moment and it all revolved around sports.

8 ) If you could play any sport professionally, what sport would it be?

Basketball. No real long sob story for this one, sorry folks.

9) Will you miss the NBA this season (should there be no NBA)?

Yes. One, because basketball comes on every night. Every single night during the season, there is a game on TV to catch. What the he'll am I going to watch from October-June every night? 'The X-Factor' 'The Real World' I have no clue, but I am going to miss having something to watch every night for 7 months.

10) You line up to runt he 40-yard dash, what's your time?

Probably a 4.7, no wind. I haven't ever really fan for a long distance at top speed, and running a fast break doesn't count. Would be interested to time it, though.

11) What is one sports venue you want to visit before you die?

I actually liked this question and it was answered in a lot of different and interesting ways. For me, I'd say probably, Dallas Stadium. I need to see this 1,000,000,000 feet x 1,000,000,000 feet HD jumbotron. Just let me play Call of Duty on it once so it can change my life.

12) Who will win the 2011 World Series.

The team that wins four games in the final round of the MLB playoffs. But, if you push me, guess I'll say the Phillies. (I hope Chris doesn't see this.)

13) What's the one food that must be at a football tailgate?

I'd probably say hamburgers. I'm not a bid dog fan, but can punish a few cheeseburgers that with a few root beers.

14) How many titles will LeBron James win?

My heart honestly wants to say zero. Yep, zero. I think LeBron James will be a player that will never win one, even with Wade and Bosh and whatever pieces they get. He'll have the greatest numbers, all the records, hall of fame career and zero titles that is not an oxymoron by the way.

Now I am NOT that dude that hates LeBron for no reason. Hell, if he wins 5 titles, I would be happy for the man. But I just think he won't win any.

15) What's one player's jersey that is hanging up in your closet right now?

Tim Duncan, white Spurs jersey, only because it matches my all-white, black grey dub-zeros.

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