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The importance of good supplies.

Supplies are the building blocks of your home beer brewing experience. Knowing the right supplies, and understanding their purpose is critical to your success when it comes to home beer brewing. In the following section, we cover some of the basic supplies for home beer brewing so that you will be familiar with them.

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Home Beer Brewing : Water

Probably the single most important ingredient that you will end up using in your home brewed beer is water. Water's mineral content gives beer some of it's flavor, so you will need to avoid using distilled water, as you will impart some blandness to your beer. Going the other direction, you will add unwanted flavor to your beer with water that has been softened, or chlorinated

Home Beer Brewing: Malted Grains

The beginning point for beer in this case is malted barley. Malted grains are soaked in water until such time as they germinate. At this point, the germination process is suddenly brought to a stop by exposing the grains used to hot air. There are other possibilities for grains in home beer brewing also: wheat, corn, and rice being just a few.

Home Beer Brewing : Hops

The "hoppier" a beer is, the more bitter it is, and it's the flower from the hop vine that imparts this. They also act as a natural preservative, keeping the beer longer, and also adding more aroma to the final brewing product.

Home Beer Brewing: Yeast

Yeast are single celled organisms that are classified as fungi. Yeast is what is responsible for the fermentation process within just about any alcoholic beverage. The sugar is consumed by the yeast, producing alcohol as a byproduct. The end result is what produces the alcohol content. Yeast also has an influence when it comes to the final flavor and aroma of the brewed beer.

When it comes to the process of deciding which yeast you will use, this will come down to the type of beer that you are considering for home beer brewing. The difference among the yeast types is set apart by their behavior in the brewing container. There are three basic types: a bottom-settling yeast, a floating yeast, and finally a yeast which is sometimes referred to as a wild yeast. This type of yeast must be exposed to the air to take hold and catch, and will cause the beer to spontaneously ferment.

For bottom-settling yeasts, you're looking at producing a lager, or any of it's subsets, such as pilsners. Ales use a floating yeast, and as a byproduct of this have a cloudy appearance, and a higher alcohol content.

When it comes to home beer brewing, you can either purchase a kit, which will contain all of the components made for a recipe, or you can purchase your supplies separately for a recipe that you have found, or that perhaps has been given to you. You will learn, after a time of home beer brewing, to fine tune your recipes over time, customizing them to your taste, provided that you have the will power to wait to prescribed again time before breaking into your brew (this can be four weeks or longer in some cases).

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