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A particular journey

Posted on 03/24/2013 by Roxanne Harris

Each and everyone of us has a particular journey, a individual path to walk out in this life. As we walk out our purpose the road converges and we see ourselves walking together.

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That is the beauty of fellowship. Even though our differences could isolate us and keep us apart, we do not allow them to. We walk together. Even though sometimes it hurts to be together. We realize and know that our strength is not always in our individuality, but in our coming together,in our fellowship with one another. Join arms and hands with someone. Do not take enjoyment in being a lone ranger. Remember even though his name was lone ranger, he still had tonto. So he was't as alone as his name implied. Realize we need each other. Search out some one you can connect to and with. Life will be sweeter and more complete.

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